Zeffer Apple Crumble Infused Cider (6x500ml) Zoom

Zeffer Apple Crumble Infused Cider (6x500ml)

New Zealand 500 ml | 5.00 %
  • Tastes like
  • Apple
  • Vanilla
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  • Product details

    Product details 

    This delicious cider has been infused with cinnamon, vanilla and blackberry leaves to give a mouthwatering drop that is like enjoying a freshly baked piece of apple crumble with vanilla ice cream.
    It is beautifully balanced with intense depth of flavour and Zeffer’s signature freshness. 

    Brand story 

    The journey began on Sam‘s cider parents farm in 2009 when Sam decided to try his wine-making hand at making cider. After extensive research we knew the style of cider we liked best. Not just any old `Made from concentrate' cider, we wanted to make real cider from real fruit with patience, craft and quality.