First Cellars Reward Points

We’ve made some changes to our First Cellars Rewards program; here’s how it works:

Reward Points - save on wine and spirits
  • You now get 4% added credit on the hundreds of products from the SHOP page on
  • You get 2% added credit on your purchases from our selection of special deals and promotions.
  • FirstCellars Rewards are available for orders placed directly on our website:
  • Order needs to be completed and paid in full before FirstCellars credit can be added.
  • Please note that credit may not be added and cannot be redeemed on VIP deals and in combination with some specific deals or offers.
  • FirstCellars Rewards are not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  • To check your FirstCellars Rewards Credit please log into your FirstCellars account and click on “STORE CREDIT”.