About Us

"If we would not spend our own money on it, we don't sell it”                                                           
                                                           - First Cellars rule #1

What is First Cellars?

Buying good wine in China is complicated, so we started We offer high-quality, good-value wines and other alcohol beverages at attractive prices delivering anywhere in China. Its not just something we say, it’s our promise.

Who is behind the company?

First Cellars was founded by a New Zealander, a Swede, a Portuguese and a Kosovar. We love wine but got tired of all the places offering low quality, high-priced wines, here in China, and decided to do something about it.

Alex, the New Zealander, is a Sommelier and the complete wine geek. Alex is in charge of our selection of beverages, making sure we have the best-value drinks in all segments. In the spare time he plays cricket, goes hiking and try to play squash.

Pål, the Swede, has a background in e-commerce and marketing. Pål is making sure the customers find the way to "the shop” by planning and executing the marketing strategies. When not working he runs marathons, plays golf (not as good as he thinks) and visits Champagne.

Vasco, the Portuguese, has been in China for many years to start up nightclubs, and was a founder of the famous M1NT club. Vasco is the doer, making sure First Cellars runs smoothly, securing that everyone is doing what they are suppose to do. He likes healthy drinks, eating at fancy restaurants and wants Ronaldo to become Portugal’s next president.

Danielo, the Kosovar, is our liquor expert and has been working as bartender and running nightclubs more than half his life and is also co-founder of M18 Shanghai. Danielo is responsible for all our events at First Cellars. He is always out and about, or in front of his phone planning a new happening.

Where are we based?

We have our office in Shanghai; you are more than welcome to visit if ever passing by.

Why First Cellars?

Its quite simple, if we would not spend money on a product, we do not sell it at First Cellars. Therefore, we try all the products before we sell them making sure they are in accordance with our expectations. We import several wines ourselves, straight from the wineries and also buy some wine from reputable licensed importers.

At First Cellars you will rarely find any bottles in the lowest price segment simply because it does not live up to the quality we deliver. You will not find any bottles in the highest price segment either, because we would not spend our own money on it, so we don’t sell it.

What you will find on First Cellars, is a wide selection of different beverages, set at an extremely good price point with the majority of wines either being green (bio dynamic or ecological) and/or rated at least 90 / 100 from reputable wine critics.

Welcome to our world, we hope you enjoy it!